Organisers of the Pan-African Grain Legume and World Cowpea Conference have announced eight thematic plenary sessions to be included in the programme.

  • Ecological approaches to integrated pest management in grain Legumes. 
  • Enhancing yield potential and resilience to abiotic stress through genetic improvement of grain legumes.
  • Gender and innovations in improvement of grain legumes agri-food systems.  
  • Grain legume nitrogen fixation and contribution to sustainable intensification.
  • Impact oriented legumes seed systems in Africa:  challenges, impacts, lessons learned, and scalable approaches to reach millions of farmers.
  • Stress tolerant orphan legumes as a response to predicted climate changes.  
  • Sustaining legume value-chains through value added processing and public-private partnerships.    
  • Contemporary topics on role of grain legumes in human health and nutrition.

Co-hosted by IITA, the Legume Innovation Lab, CIAT, PABRA and partners, the event taking place in Livingstone, Zambia on 28 February to 4 March 2016 has been selected as one of 11 UN signature events during the International Year of Pulses 2016.

It will bring together more than 400 scientists, academics, farmers and business people from Africa and throughout the world to showcase the latest scientific agriculture research on pulses in the region.

The deadline for early-bird registration to attend the Pan-African Grain Legume and World Cowpea Conference is 31 December 2015. Register your place now!