Coordinating Team

PABRA is coordinated by a core team of Alliance of Bioversity International & CIAT ( Alliance) scientists and support staff.

Our main office is at Alliance offices in Nairobi, Kenya with 3 networks across Central, East, West, & Southern Africa.

Meet PABRA’s Coordinating Team:

Name Designation Country
Jean-Claude Rubyogo Bean Programme Leader & Director, PABRA Nairobi, Kenya
Eileen Nchanji Gender Specialist Nairobi, Kenya
Boaz Waswa Senior Scientist, Pan Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) Nairobi, Kenya
Clare Mukankusi Global Bean Breeder Kampala, Uganda
Wilson Nkhata Bean Breeder & Coordinator, Southern Africa Bean Research Network (SABRN) Lilongwe, Malawi
Louis Butare Coordinator, West & Central Africa Bean Research Network (WECABREN) Kumasi, Ghana
Robert Fungo Nutritionist Kampala, Uganda
Eliud Birachi Market Economist Kigali, Rwanda
Enid Katungi  Agricultural Economist Kampala, Uganda
Rachel Muthoni M&E Specialist Kampala, Uganda
Teshale Mamo Bean Breeder, Coordinator, East & Central Africa Bean Research Network Arusha, Tanzania
The Alliance Offices with PABRA presence:

  • Kenya: P. O. Box 823-00621, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Tanzania: P. O. box 2704, Arusha, Tanzania
  • Uganda: Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute, P.O. Box 6247, Kampala, Uganda
  • Malawi: Chitedze Agricultural Research Station, P.O. Box 158, Lilongwe, Malawi

For more information about PABRA or to contact us please use our contact form.