Nutreal Ltd together with the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) Legumes Programme launched a nutrient dense porridge targeting low income communities. The launch was graced by International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), Makerere University, Ministry of Health, media fraternity and community members from Bwaise Growers. According to UBOS, about five in every ten children in Uganda are anaemic and majority of them live in slum areas. This condition is further worsened by lack of nutrient dense foods in these community settlements.

Super Kawomera, an instant, nutrient dense porridge will help alleviate the under-nutrition predicament. It was developed through rigorous research conducted at Makerere University, Department of Food Technology and Nutrition, under a project supported by BMZ, in collaboration with CIAT, NARO and UNBS (for standards development)

The nutrient dense porridge is composite flour made from five grains and seeds including: maize, millet, amaranth seeds, soy and high iron beans.  This combination comprises various nutrients for body building (proteins), energy (carbohydrates and vegetable fat) and disease protection components (vitamins and minerals). In addition, it takes a short time to prepare (Cooks after 5 minutes of mixing in hot water) since it is already pre-cooked. Because of the taste, you don’t need to add more sugar. The soya component enables consumption without milk which is a substitute for animal milk.

Ms. Margaret Nabiswa, Local Chief 1, Nabukalu Zone in Bwaise says the product is so nutritious they’ve witnessed malnourished patients gain strength after continuously consuming the porridge.

“We are glad that the future generation is catered for with this food innovation since children grow stronger and receive major nutrients from consuming this porridge,” added Ms. Nabiswa.

Ms. Sarah Ngalombi, Senior Nutritionist in Ministry of Health gives her remarks at the launch

Ms Sarah Ngalombi, a Senior Nutritionist at the Ministry of Health appreciated Nutreal Ltd for the product and urged communities to embrace it. As the chief guest, Ms. Ngalombi tasted the product and agreed with testimonies about the tastiness of the porridge.

“Many times parents feed children with energy packed porridge which does not have sufficient quantities of the other crucial nutrients. But this porridge will assist in fighting malnutrition and boosting growth while weaning babies,” added Ngalombi.

Dr Nakimbugwe Dorothy, Nutreal Proprietor says the packing was done in order to meet demands of the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) population. The porridge is in small quantities that are affordable to these communities in the BoPs with 50 g at 500 UGX (approx USD 0.1)

Super Kawomera can be accessed from sales agents in the communities, shops, clinics/health centres (Kawaala Health centre, Kisenyi Health, Kiganda health centre), markets of the bottom of the pyramid communities.

Did you know that  Kawomera means Delicious?

This piece was first published by NARO