1 MAY 2023 – Seven new members have joined the Beans is How Board to steer, support and resource the ambitious campaign to double global bean consumption by 2028. Over the next five years, the Board will champion beans as a nutritional, climate-smart, affordable, and delicious food choice while galvanizing significant stakeholder action to reach its ambitious targets and goals.

Board Members include Michiel Bakker, Vice President, Global Workplace Programs, Google; Emeline Fellus, Director, Food & Agriculture at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD); Irina Rodina, Chief Marketing Officer Northern Europe, The Kraft Heinz Company; and Chef Andrew Zimmern, Chairman, Passport Hospitality, Intuitive Content and FoodWorks and Global Ambassador to the United Nations World Food Program.

Also joining the Beans is How Board are the Executive Director of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, Paul Newnham, and the co-Chairs of the Bean Science and Innovation Advisory Council, Dr. Andy Jarvis, Director of the Future of Food, Bezos Earth Fund; and Dr. Jean Claude Rubyogo, Global Bean Program Leader and Director of the Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance and Alliance of Bioversity International & CIAT.

Actively contributing since the official launch of Beans is How in November 2022, these organizations have shared expertise and opened their networks, providing opportunities to help grow the campaign’s influence and coalition of partners in various target markets. In their new role, they will continue to shape the strategic direction, communications, identity and key priorities for the campaign.

The Co-Chairs of the Bean Science and Innovation Advisory Council – a trans-disciplinary council of experts that ensure the campaign’s communication and advocacy strategy sits firmly on a trusted evidence base — will also represent its interests on the Board. The Council will soon release the campaign Theory of Change. This will outline the campaign’s strategy, including impact pathways, behavior change narratives and measurement tools while identifying priority areas of research or existing gaps.

“Over the past few months, Beans is How has grown to a 40 strong Coalition of partners, and 14 Science and Innovation Advisory Council Members. We are so pleased to now be launching the Bean Board, whose combined expertise and guidance will bring our campaign to the next level, growing its influence and increasing strategic connections,” said Paul Newnham of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, the organisation which mobilized and launched the Beans is How campaign.

“Beans and pulses are a simple complementary solution to some of our world’s most disturbing existential problems. Doing all we can to solve these problems, like hunger, are not only a global imperative but our moral responsibility,” said Chef Andrew Zimmern.

“We’re committed to shifting diets to be plant forward and to increasing the biodiversity of ingredients we procure,” said Michiel Bakker of Google. “Our culinarians already incorporate a variety of beans into menus in our cafes across the world, working collaboratively with our broader teams to serve culturally-relevant dishes. Beans are practical and versatile, and our chefs are happy to use them to create delicious and nutritious meals for our Google community.”

“WBCSD will continue to support Beans is How through several initiatives, including trainings and frameworks to build private sector awareness and capacity to transition toward more plant-forward, pulse-filled diets,” said Emmeline Fellus of WBCSD. “We want to emphasize the unique opportunity a more balanced protein consumption worldwide provides to protect climate and nature and address inequalities.”

“Beans have been a part of the Kraft Heinz portfolio for more than 100 years through our iconic Heinz Beanz range and we are committed to making sure that the tasty and nutritious properties of this humble superfood are accessible for all,” said Irina Rodina of The Kraft Heinz Company. “That’s why we are pleased to support the Beans is How Coalition to raise awareness around the power of beans everywhere.”

More details about the Bean Coalition and Beans is How is available on its website, www.beansishow.org.

This post first appeared in : https://www.sdg2advocacyhub.org/news/beans-how-announces-board