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  • From theory to practice

    Ndu subdivision, Ntumbaw (ntu means hills  and mbaw means valleys) village in North-West Cameroon is generally cold in the hills and hot in the valleys. Wilson Nfor Gwei,  born in the South West region, Limbe is a farmer in the region with about 23 hectares of family land and 2 hectares of leased

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  • Empowering women to take leadership roles in bean business platforms in Rwanda

    Participants of the bean business platform workshop in Kigali, Rwanda. (Credit; Lilies Gachanja) by Eileen Nchanji, Eliud Birachi, Mercy Mutua, Leonidas Dusenge Leonidas and Lilies Gachanja Pan Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) carried out a bean business platform at the Boursejour Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. This workshop, carried out between

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  • Closing the gender gap in farming households: An entry point towards agricultural transformation in Africa

    By Eileen Nchanji, Chantal Ingabire and Eliud Birachi Agricultural transformation is one of the leading efforts for poverty reduction and food security in Africa. Governments, development agencies and researchers agree on the role that can be played by agricultural transformation in a countries’ economic growth. The main idea is to

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  • The business of plant breeding; The business case for new variety development

    The Business of Plant Breeding is the result of a study on demand-led plant variety design for markets in Africa, sharing the best practices from private and public sector breeding programmes worldwide that are applicable to improving tropical crops in Africa. Beginning with an overview of the principles of demand-led plant breeding,

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  • VOA

    Iron-Fortified Beans Winning Customers in Rwanda, Uganda

    Iron-Fortified Beans Winning Customers in Rwanda, Uganda A recent study by the Global Nutrition Report 2017 shows that eating beans bred to contain more iron boosts memory and attention in college-going women in Rwanda. The specially biofortified beans could prove significant in a continent where iron deficiency (ID) affects both

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  • How Can Ugandan Farmers Ease South Sudan Hunger Crisis?

    by Georgina Smith | Dec 13, 2017 This is post is part of our climate campaign in Africa. The story has appeared in several news outlets including Associated Press, the New York Times and others.   Earlier this year, South Sudan fell victim to the first famine declared since 2011. Almost six million people are

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