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    Bean researchers in Ethiopia win highest accolade

    The Ethiopia Bean Research Programme led by the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) has won the highest scientific award in the Ethiopia – the Gold medal and Cup – for the impact of its bean research which has transformed the lives of millions of farmers. The National Common Bean Research

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  • clare_mukankusi_profile

    Clare Mukankusi, Bean Breeder at CIAT, Kawanda, Uganda

    In the dry afternoon breeze, Clare Mukankusi pulls on a light khaki lab coat. The 18 acre plot at Kawanda, part of Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Organization, is remote and quite. She shares a few words with one of the field technicians, laughing as she paces slowly though densely packed

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    First drought-resilient, high iron beans for Uganda released

    Five new bean varieties bred with high iron and resilience to the impacts of drought were released in Uganda for the first time on Friday 22nd July. The varieties – co-developed by the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI), the Rwandan Agricultural Board (RAB) and CIAT through HarvestPlus – were released

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    Derese Eshete, Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute, Ethiopia

    As a senior research technician, Derese Eshete has spent his career with one goal in mind: to improve the living conditions of the farmers he believes he is working for. Having worked on many crops previously, including the country’s super-grain teff, he has settled on beans for now. At his

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    Eating high-iron beans reduces iron deficiency in just a few months

    Eating specially-bred, high-iron beans twice-a-day for just four-and-a-half months reduced iron deficiency and anaemia in young women in Rwanda, according to a new study. Iron deficiency is the world’s leading nutritional ailment, particularly in developing countries. It can impair cognitive and physical development in children, while anemia, often caused by

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    Mary Ndimbo, Bean Breeder, Uyole Agricultural Research Institute, Tanzania

    Mary Ndimbo knows what beans mean for millions of smallholder farmers in Tanzania – particularly women. Her work at  Agricultural Research Institute Uyole, in the country’s Southern Highlands, helps her keep in contact with them on a regular basis. Her office is full of beans, some stored in paper bags, others

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