Beans are tiny but mighty! Beans are an important food protein and farm crop for more than 300 million Africans.


ISABU bean breeding team making crossings to develop climate-resilient bean varieties.

For over 25 years, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has helped to achieve significant transformation in bean thinking and action through its continuous support towards the Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA,

PABRA’s approach is all about being demand-led. That means the innovative partnership works with all actors along the bean value chain, emphasizing diverse types of bean consumers — ranging from those who eat and cook them, to businesses that produce and distribute seeds, and other businesses that purchase and trade harvests.

This has been translated into business opportunities for over 297 SMEs (30% women-led/owned) commercializing bean-based products and providing markets to more than four million farmers.

Overall, the private-public partnership has improved livelihoods of 37 million farmers (58% women) because of their access to marketable, nutritious, climate-resilient, and high-yielding bean varieties.

The last phase of SDC support 2015-2021 highlighted a flagship project on “Improving food security, nutrition, incomes, natural resource base, and gender equity for better livelihoods of smallholder households in SSA” which applied the PABRA approach to beans in Burundi and Zimbabwe too. The initial SDC investment of $3 million in these two countries has generated multiple social and economic impacts along the bean value chains while catalyzing significant additional investments of over $500 million.

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28th June 2023

1600 – 1700 hrs. (EAT)


a. Share the key impacts of long-term PABRA partnerships with SDC, especially in the Flagship project countries Burundi and Zimbabwe.

b. Highlight the findings of the cost-benefit analysis of the Flagship project.

c. Share and discuss lessons learned and key implications.

Time (EAT)



16.00 – 16.05

Introduction and opening remarks

Peter Bieler-, Head of ESA Section, SDC

16.05 – 6.15

PABRA and SDC Partnership in Research and Development and Impacts in Africa

Jean Claude Rubyogo. PABRA Program Director

1615 – 16.35

Beyond Adoption of Bean Technologies: A cost-benefit analysis of SDC flagship project in Burundi and Zimbabwe

Joel Maina, AFREDEC

16:35 – 16.45

Q&A and feedback

SDC/Moderator (Manfred Kaufmann/Katharina Jenny)

16:45 – 16:55

Beyond 2023 for SDC-PABRA Partnership in Africa

Jean Claude Rubyogo

Manfred Kaufmann, Food System, SDC

16:55 – 17.00

Appreciation and closing remarks

Katharina Jenny, Regional Advisor SSA, SDC

Joe Tohme, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

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